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Light Up Leashes Keep Dogs Safer On Nighttime Walks!

Check out these awesome light-up leashes! Embedded with colorful, super thin LED lights, they are designed to keep you and your pup safer at night by allowing oncoming cars to see you clearly while you're out walking in the dark. They claim that their leashes are visible from 1/4 mile away in the dark. Also, by illuminating hidden dangers like chicken bones or broken glass on the sidewalk, you can keep your dog from getting into unneeded trouble that you otherwise wouldn't be able to see. 


Not only are these $25 leashes very reasonably priced, but they also help support homeless pets in need! $3 from the sale of each leash goes to one of over 400 local animal shelters and rescue organizations of your choice.

You can purchase these super cool leashes here!


Learning to Handle Separation Anxiety

You hate leaving your pup (obviously, that's what we're here for!) but the sad face and those awful noises he makes doesn’t make it any easier! You know he’s upset, but when it gets really severe you could be dealing with a case of separation anxiety. When the condition gets very severe, symptoms can include pacing, excessive salivating, and barking, whining, or even howling! In your absence, your pooch could also engage in destructive behavior- especially directed at windows and doors.

Separation anxiety can be triggered by a major change in a dog’s routine or the routine of the family. Some examples include moving into a new home, a new baby, or a change in the amount of time the owners are present. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t tips that can ease your doggie into being calm when you leave.

Before you leave, make sure your dog feels safe and secure. You can leave behind pajamas and other articles of clothing, which have your scent on them. This will comfort your dog so he’ll be less likely to act destructively. You can also crate dogs if you or they prefer, but this method differs from dog to dog. Make sure it’s working for you before you commit to it long-term.

Another smart tip-- Leaving the TV, radio, or lights on helps reinforce your presence and keeps dogs from hearing and responding to every noise outside. We always enjoy laughing at the silly TV shows our dogs are watching when we come to walk them! Some LOVE Animal Planet, and some are more CNN types.

You also need to practice making your good-byes short. Hanging around with too many kisses will only exacerbate your dog’s anxiety. Pick a code word (“Goodbye” is the most obvious one) and practice using it until your dog understands that word means it is time for you to go. When you come home and your dog has been good (no chewed up pillows or piles of poop) be sure to reward her with a treat to reinforce good behavior!

If things really get bad and nothing you try is working, there are some more extreme options. Your veterinarian can prescribe medication (usually a mild anti-anxiety medication), which will make your dog less anxious.

But of course, the most simple solution is having our wonderful dog walkers come by while you're gone to give your pup the attention he or she deserves!!