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Ponyboy, also known as Pony, PB, Justin Peeber, Pony, Po'Boy, Ponybaby, P'Beezy and Sir Ponyboy. Boxer/Great Dane Mix rescue at 5 months old.

Zoe, and her lovely walker Caity, the sweetest chocolate lab on earth!

Ryder Lee, dressed up in his Southern finest for Halloween, as Colonel Sanders and a bucket o' chicken.












Hugo the Boxer, posing in front of the Christmas tree! *Photo by Niamh O'Connell, Hugo's mom and awesome canine photographerl. Ask us for more details!

Max the adorable Rottie/Mastiff puppy.

 Oro, the 5 yr old Goldendoodle that loves to play fetch in the park!
















Bear, the Yorkie-Poo who thinks he is one of the big dogs.

Kima, the Boston Terrier puppy at 2 months old.

Kiera and Kylie, black lab sisters, at 9 months old, and their big brother Zephyr, the 17 year old kitty!

















Brody, the super cool pointer mix.

Doozer, the amazing Heinz 57 puppy who is now 85 lbs at 6 months old!

Lily, an adorable Black Lab mix.

Harley the 180 lb Great Dane, the gentlest giant we have ever met.


Chico the Chihuahua, a very little guy with a BIG heart!!!

Brody again, what a camera hog.

Gatsby the ADORABLE Irish Terrier pup!





















Chester, the lovable and very silly Irish Setter.

Ginger, the independently spirited Cairn Terrier.

 Odie, Rittenhound's own 100-pound Mastiff/Boxer/Dalmatian mix.

Maggie, wonderfully bouncy and energetic labradoodle!